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  1. Crop Top:

  • Measure the desired length.

  • Mark the cutting line.

  • Cut straight across or add a stylish angled cut.

  1. Off-the-Shoulder Top:

  • Cut the neckline wider, creating an off-the-shoulder look.

  • You can also cut one side for a trendy asymmetrical style.

  1. Tie-Front Top:

  • Cut a straight line up the center or slightly off-center.

  • Tie the two sides together at the bottom to create a knot.

  1. Distressed Look:

  • Use scissors or a razor to distress the fabric.

  • Make small cuts, create holes, or add fringes for a grunge look.

  1. High-Low Hem:

  1. Twisted Back:

  • Cut the back of the t-shirt horizontally, leaving about an inch from each side.

  • Twist the cut sections and secure them together at the bottom.

  1. Lace-Up Detail:

  • Cut a V-neck or scoop neckline.

  • Add eyelets or loops along the edges.

  • Lace up with a contrasting color or matching fabric.

  1. Racerback Tank: