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Comfort Japan is a must-visit community site for foreign residents in Japan!

This site is designed for foreign residents in Japan. It is intended to be a trusted resource for people when facing problems or difficulties with Japan life. Ask questions, post advice, and make new friends from around the world!

Recommended for those who are…

Facing difficult issues and feel isolated.

We hope that you will be able to enjoy more your Japan life.

If you want to make more friends from around the world. If you want to connect with more people from your home country.

If you crave foods from your home country.

How to enjoy 


Have more fun in Japan!

Step 1

Find a category that interests you.

We offer six different categories:

Daily life, Hobbies and Leisure, Learn Japan, Jobs, Regional information, and Social topics.

Find a category that interests you.


Step 2

Ask questions of others and provide your own special insight.

For example...

・Ask for or give advice about life in Japan.

・Post restaurant recommendations and reviews.

・Make friends with people from you home country.

・Discuss about workplace culture.

・Share stories about Japanese culture and customs.
・Recommend favorite hangouts.
・Discuss issues about official (bureaucratic) procedures.
・Find people who are having similar experiences.

Talk to each other and live better.

Step 3

Follow other members and make more friends!

Follow and connect with people who share similar interests, provide good advice, or have a similar background.

Make more friends from around the world.


Step 4

Participate in Comfort Japan events

Comfort Japan is planning online and offline gatherings!

Signing up is easy!

Join us today.

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