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【Bug Killer】 They Truly Work! <2 Best Bug Killers Against Mosquitoes and Flies> with High Reviews

They are coming again. The ones that do not show up during winter...

That's right. THE PESTS!

Cockroaches, mosquitoes, and flies are the staple hated creatures of all ages.

So today, I'd like to show you the best items to defeat in the battle against mosquitoes and flies!

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(Note: This article is based on information as of April 5th, 2021.)

Since I am such a big hater of pests, I always have about five kinds of bug killers on hand.

My enthusiasm is strong. I never want to fail to get rid of them and believe it's pointless if it doesn't work effectively. So, based on reviews, I selected the 2 best-recommended bug killers that truly work.

If you have trouble with mosquitoes and flies, make sure you read to the end.


2 Best Bug Killers Against Mosquitoes and Flies

It seems that "pre-sprays to keep at bay" are popular as pesticides against mosquitoes and flies, too!

1.アース おすだけノーマットロング スプレータイプ 

With its mobility, this bug killer spray can be used at any time and anywhere.

Once sprayed, it gets rid of mosquitoes with efficacy lasting for 24 hours. Against flies, it works right after spraying.

▼Review by ぴよんころ with Star Rating: 5.0

The bottle's loud color made me a bit worried that the scent might be too strong, but it was mild and went away quickly. This product was easy to use. All I need to do is just to spray it once. My decision was right.

Though it may depend on the housing condition, its efficacy was incredible! In my case, there were not a lot of mosquitoes at my place anyway because my flat was in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Still, thanks to this bug killer, I didn't get any mosquito bites at all last summer. This insecticide works for 24 hours just after spraying once and can be used up to 300 times, which is amazing value for money. I will buy the same product next time, too. One thing that worries me a little is this; the killer spray works so well that it might have effects on humans.

The strong efficacy even made the reviewer worried about its effect on humans! It seems worth a try.

According to the webpage of the maker, it works against mosquitoes for 24 hours by spraying once. Against flies, it is effective right after spraying.


2.フマキラー おすだけベープ スプレー・おすだけベープ スプレー 不快害虫用

Fumakiller's OSUDAKE VAPE SPRAY(フマキラー おすだけベープスプレー) has two versions, which are "Against Mosquitoes and Flies" and "Against Midges and Sand Flies". Midges are flies, so, the latter is specialized for killing flies.

フマキラー おすだけベープ スプレー

Efficacy lasts long by spraying just once! It truly works against mosquitoes and flies.

▼Review by パンプキンスープ with Star Rating: 5.0

Mosquitoes will indeed be gone by pressing the spray button once! I was in doubt at first, but using it made me sure that it truly works. The frequency of seeing the bugs was greatly reduced just by spraying it once a day in the living room, bedroom, etc. Since I am mosquitoes' favorite, I often get bitten. Last summer, I was awakened by a bug bite like every week at midnight. However, this year, they have bitten me just twice. And this time, I sprayed it right after being woken up by the disturbance, then the mosquito was gone and I did not get another bite. It was so helpful because I had not been able to go back to sleep until I had gotten rid of the bug until then. This spray can be used up to 240 times with one bottle and has a child lock. So effective that I highly recommend this product. Trust me and give it a try for this season. You will want to recommend it to someone, too.

It's amazing that the reviewer, who used to be bitten almost every week, got only two bug bites in one season! I must try it out!

フマキラー おすだけベープ スプレー 不快害虫用

Press the top button once and efficacy will last for 24 hours.

▼Review by さちこう with Star Rating: 5.0

This product looks so small and worries us that it would be empty soon, but amazed me in many aspects when I used it. So, I want everyone to know this bug killer.

Though it says it only works against two kinds, which are midges and sand flies, looks like it is effective against other bugs, too. I bought this insecticide in summer, and when a mosquito that came into my place bothered me, I sprayed it once and the bug was gone. This spray is easy to use and is my great ally when I get panicked by sand flies which sometimes suddenly increase in the bathroom during the season.

According to the package, it works against bugs anywhere in the room. The ingredients spread and stay on the ceiling and walls just by spraying once in the air of the room.

This is so simple to use. Just press the top button of the bottle. No power is needed, and it feels safe that fire nor electricity is not needed.

Spraying once seems to be effective enough for my small rented flat. Maybe because of the area, there are many bugs around here. Particularly, small spiders come into my place and weave their homes. I feel sorry for removing the webs that spiders take a long time to make, but they are still gross. So, when I find the nests, I always spray the bug killer after removing them so that spiders can't come back.

The bottle is small but it can be used up to 280 times enough to feel secured. I also like the clear bottle that shows the remaining amount.

▼Review by みっきーまうす with Star Rating: 5.0

I was doubting if it truly works against mosquitoes by spraying just once. When I used it toward a mosquito and waited to see what would happen, I lost where it went, but found it dead on the floor the next day. That was amazing. This bug killer is easy to use and also reasonable, which is great. I like that I can use it for prevention by spraying it into the air and for killing a mosquito on contact after finding the bug.

It says it is specialized for flies but seems to work well against mosquitoes! Having one would be helpful.

On e-commerce sites, stronger versions of this product, "OSUDAKE VAPE SPRAY HYBRID (おすだけベープスプレーハイブリッド) and OSUDAKE VAPE SPRAY HYBRID PREMIUM(おすだけベープスプレーハイブリッドプレミアム)", are on sale.

Pick up what fits your place.


How was it?

The rainy season ended and hot summer has begun earlier this year, and there have been many nights the temperature did not go down. The mosquitoes seem to have gotten exhausted by the heat. (It is said that mosquitoes are active at around 26 to 32 ℃.)

However, these days it is cool at night, so watch out for mosquitoes.

We will be happy to get your comments and real stories!

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