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Community Guidelines

Do not write slanderous statements.


Do not post contents in violation of copyrights.


Do not post promotional contents.


When we find irrelevant post, we will delete it without any notification.


Please follow the rules.

  • Is there a fee to join the communities?
    It's free to join.
  • Is it possible for people who are living in overseas to use the site?
    Unfortunately, no. The information on the site is only applicable for foreigners who are living in Japan.
  • Besides English, what other languages are supported?
    We can offer assistance in Japanese, too.
  • What is the name of the company operating this site?
    Comfort Japan is operated by Asmarq Co., Ltd. We have obtained a Privacy mark. (Registration number: 12390094) We manage personal information with appropriate care . Privacy policy Privacy policy
  • What do I need to use Comfort Japan?
    To begin using Comfort Japan, you need to register as a member.
  • Can Japanese people join the community?
    No. Currently, Comfort Japan is only available for foreigners living in Japan.
  • I can't login to the site.
    Please check the following: 1. Are you using half-width alphanumeric characters? 2. Have you used any unnecessary spaces between the text? 3. Are the upper and lower case letters entered correctly? 4. Are you using the correct password?
  • I forgot my password. What should I do?
    Click the "If you forgot your password" link on the sign-up page.
  • How can I change my registration information after registering?
    You will need to log in to "My Account" and edit your information there.
  • Is it possible to change my login email address ( login ID )?
    The email address you have registered as a member will be your login ID and cannot be changed.
  • Can I change my password?
    You can reset your password from the "If you forgot your password" link on the sign-up page.
  • Can I change my email address?
    Please log in and change your email address from the "My Account" page. However, please note that your login email address (login ID) cannot be changed.
  • Can I change the URL of my profile?
    If you want to edit the URL of your public profile, you can do so from "My Account" page. For more information, please see the page”For new users”.
  • How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?
    You can choose the option out to stop receiving newsletters.
  • How can I resubscribe to the newsletter?
    If you would like to receive the Comfort Japan newsletter again, you should just enter your email address in the newsletter form. It is located at the bottom of Comfort Japan site.
  • How can I stop receiving notifications from Comfort Japan?
    From “My Account”choose the “Settings” tab. From there, you can change how you receive notifications, including optioning out of them.
  • How do I leave the community?
    You can cancel your membership by using the quit form. It is located at the bottom of "My Account" page.
  • Can I create a topic for community?
    Yes, you can click the "Create" button on a community page.
  • Is it possible to include videos and images in the comments and replies in the communities?
    Yes, you can include videos and images. However, uploads are limited to 5MB per file.
  • I want to delete comments from other people.
    Please use the "Report Comment" button. We will respond according to our rules & regulations.
  • How do I search for a community?
    On each community page, there is a community search function. Insert the words you are interested in the search box.
  • What is restricted in the community?
    Please read our guidelines and Terms of service and conditions. Terms of Service Guidelines
  • I found a malicious post and want it removed.
    Please use the "Report Comment" button. We will respond according to our rules & regulations.
  • Are there any posts that I should refrain from creating?
    Please refer to the Terms of service.
  • What file formats for videos and images can be uploaded in comments and replies in the community?
    Only jpeg and png images are supported. Videos can be in Mov, Quicktime, AVI, or MP4.
  • How can I add links to comments and replies in the community?
    To post a link to your comment, click on the icon that looks like a chain.
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