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Welcome to Comfort Japan

Comfort Japan is a community site for foreign residents in Japan.
Share your experiences in support for others from around the world living in Japan.

​Check your profile URL.

Your profile page will be created when you sign up and become a member of Comfort Japan.  

Check your URL

Initially, your public profile page is named using your email address at registration. The part before the @ symbol is displayed in the public URL.

How to check

・Click  "My Account"

・At the bottom of "My Account" page, you can see "Account Settings" including "Your Community Page URL"

To edit your URL

Click "Edit URL" button to change your public profile URL.

Please reload after editing the URL.


Join Comfort Japan Community!


Find a community that interests you and post comments!

Enter the words you want to target in the search box, learn something from the posted communities, or reply to comments. 
Of course, you can post questions you want to ask. Click the Create button to create a community and post a question.

In the community, ask questions and provide support for those who are having trouble. 

For example...

・Give or ask for advice about life in Japan

・Post restaurant recommendations and reviews

・Make friends with people from your home

・Engage in discussions about jobs and workplace

・Share your knowledge about Japanese culture

・Recommend favorite hangouts

・Provide useful information about official
    procedures at municipal and government offices

・Find people with similar interests and

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