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【Bug Killer】 They Truly Work! <3 Best Roach Killers> with High Reviews

They are coming again. The ones that do not show up during winter…

That's right. THE PESTS!

Cockroaches, mosquitoes, and flies are the staple hated creatures of all ages.

So today, I'd like to show you the best items to defeat in the battle against cockroaches!

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(Note: This article is based on information as of April 5th, 2021.)

Since I am such a big hater of pests, I always have about five kinds of bug killers on hand.

My enthusiasm is strong. I never want to fail to get rid of them and believe it's pointless if it doesn't work effectively. So, based on reviews, I selected the 3 best-recommended roach-killing products that truly work.

If you have trouble with roaches, make sure you read to the end.


3 Best Roach Killers

I never want to encounter the creatures. Many of you may think in the same way as I do.

According to the reviews, most products with high reputations are categorized in a type of "pre-spray to keep away" or "bait to let them pass away without knowing what is going on".

1. フマキラー ゴキブリワンプッシュプロプラス

This evolved version of roach killers with newly added one-month lasting efficacy will not let cockroaches dwell in your house.

Review by ニクニク with Star Rating: 5.0

Though the roach-killing bait used to be my regular pesticide, it didn't seem to work well since I still saw the creatures sometimes roaming around. If it was possible, I didn't want to even see any of those. Then after looking for a better product, I found this: a palm-sized bottle spray with a volume of 20mL. So tiny that I thought I would use it up easily, but it said it could be used up to 80 times, and the texts, "PRO" and "PLUS", with the name made me think it would work effectively. The advertising slogan that said, "Kills All Roaches Hiding Out", on the shiny package cardboard also encouraged me to decide to buy it in the end.

And then, what happened? Well, the creatures stopped showing up! Maybe only once or twice a season did I see them, but that was incredible!

Easy to use. Spray it into the spaces between items of furniture or behind the fridge just once. No preparation is needed like for the foggers, and you don't have to shut windows for a while after spraying, either. After spraying, it is so clean with no odor nor the stickiness of the typical pest killer sprays.

Spray at about four places for a room of approximately 10 square meters, and the efficacy will last 20 days to a month. Just one bottle is enough if it is for my house with a living, dining room, kitchen, and two bedrooms to use for 4 to 5 months. At first, I thought 980 JPY was overpriced, but it is the best value-for-money product because it is easy to use, and its efficacy is amazing and lasts long. Another great point is that the bottle is clear so the remaining can be seen and you will know when you need to buy a new one.

I liked its compact palm size, but the only bad side is that the nozzle is sticking out and is a little bit annoying when putting it away. I want it to be able to be folded, then it would be more compact.

The important thing is to keep using the spray regularly. When October came and the cockroach season was almost over, my guard was off and I stopped using it for a while, and then I saw that thing again. This roach killer is a must item even in late autumn.

They disappeared when the killer spray was being used during the cockroach season, and a roach was caught in sight right after it was stopped being used when the season was about to end. How well it works has been proved! That's fantastic!

▼Review of もこママ with Star Rating: 5.0

I used up a product similar to this roach killer and went to a drugstore. What made me indecisive was that there were some other products of this kind. Then I thought the latest one would work best. So, I choose this one though it was a bit pricey. The result was great. I am sure it works so well. I have been a user of this type of killer, including the previous one for two years, and have not seen roaches so far! Don't you think removing them after they show up is annoying? It's much cheaper compared to buying lots of killers. I highly recommend this one!

Oh, yes! It's horrible to deal with roaches after encountering them. The key is preventive action. Spraying it regularly is becoming a staple method to keep roaches away.


2. アース ゴキプッシュプロ

Just by spraying, you can get rid of roaches hiding in crevices without seeing them. The efficacy length is about two weeks.

Review by もこママ with Star Rating: 5.0

I hate roaches so bad that I collect a variety of killer items, and this one is actually good. Despite that I used to place baits before, they kept showing up during the roach season, so I had to go into a battle against the creature, using a killer spray. Then one day, I found this Goki Push Pro (ゴキプッシュプロ) which was a little expensive. I was a little doubtful but bought it anyway. After all, they have not appeared yet since I started using this product. Thanks to its long nozzle, it is easy to spray into various crevices. This killer is pretty reasonable because roaches go away by spraying it just once a month. I want everybody to try it.

This is also a pre-spray product.

According to the story, roaches are not surprisingly seen anymore by switching from using baits. Amazing!

Its long nozzle would be another good feature.


3. アース ブラックキャップ

So easy to use. Just by placing this roach killer bait, it starts to show its effect on the first day and works well for a year with 12 types of efficacy. Good for female roaches with eggs, roaches resistant to common insecticides, and their nests. The black casing with multiple exits and entrances works on roaches that prefer dark environments.

Review by ゆきんこたんてい with Star Rating: 5.0

Two roaches showed up and shocked me at my new place despite that I used a fogger before moving in. After that, I read about the reputation of this product online, and I bought and placed baits. Since then, they have not appeared. I am so happy because it was a relatively old flat and I was thinking that seeing the creatures is inevitable. Now I am appreciating its efficacy.

Review by きむchan with Star Rating: 5.0

I know Black Cap (ブラックキャップ) works great! I always use this product from spring to summer every year. It's very compact and easy to set in narrow places. Truly, I don't see roaches. Thanks to the casing, chemicals inside cannot be touched, which is a nice safety feature for families with children.

Staple Black Cap (ブラックキャップ) earned a perfect star rating!

So handy that the efficacy lasts for a year by just leaving them.


<Additional Recommendations>

Didn't Get A Perfect Reputation, but There Are More!

大日本除虫菊(キンチョウ) ゴキブリムエンダー

Review by ☆ミネア☆ with Star Rating: 4.0

This early spring, I bought this spray which was said to be able to work as a roach fogger. I don't know if it works well yet, but like the easiness that I just need to spray it several times. It can be used before going out when I have time. The one I bought was a version that can be used up to 40 times, so it is not so bad on the wallet.

大日本除虫菊(キンチョウ) コックローチゴキブリがいなくなるスプレー

Review by shirase5003 with Star Rating: 3.0

It said the efficacy would last for two weeks, but a roach showed up within 1 or 2 days. So, I used other products along with this, and then they stopped showing up at all. It is difficult to keep them away completely with this product alone. Though the strength of the spray is neither so strong nor weak, it leaves a unique sweet smell after spraying.


How was it reading this article?

The reviews made me feel like buying and trying soon.

We are waiting for your comments and the stories you experienced.

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