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[Do Anti-Hay Fever Goods Work?] Glasses, Drinks, Body Soap, and More: Research Based on Reviews!

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

March is quickly approaching its mid-month point, and we are amidst the hay fever season. This year's pollen dispersion is predicted to be the highest in the past ten years.

As some of you may know, There is a Japanese term, 花粉症(kafun-sho: hay fever), also known as seasonal allergic rhinitis. It is caused by inhaling pollen from cedar, cypress, ragweed, and other plants with symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes appear, which strongly appear especially from February to the Golden Week holiday season in May.

Have you ever had trouble sleeping at night because of hay fever while living in Japan? Lack of sleep may cause a decrease in your daily performance and affect your work and personal life.

For those who suffer from hay fever, here are some recommended anti-hay fever products based on reviews from the ShareView website. *N.B.

The rating scores were calculated as of February 17, 2023.

*N.B.: What is ShareView: ShareView is a service provided by Asmarq Corporation, which operates Comfort Japan. It provides word-of-mouth reviews, rankings, and information on new products, offering honest opinions, ratings, and reviews from people who have used them. It is a comprehensive information site where you can find which foods and daily necessities are currently popular. (ShareView is displayed only in Japanese.)


1. Tissues

Rating: 4.18 (30 reviews)

"The tissues are fluffy, luxurious, gentle, and slightly resilient, so they don't irritate your skin. I buy ones during hay fever season. Although the price isn't so reasonable for daily use, it is not that high. So, I can still say this product is good value for money."

From a review by nanamama

"This product is the most reasonable and familiar among other tissue products with an incredibly soft feature. The tissues are soft and gentle to the touch, so I can't do without ones during hay fever season."

From a review by ひーち

The price is slightly high, but the softness of the tissues keeps our skin from becoming rough or sore, which is very favorable for people who can't go without tissues during the hay fever season. I would love to try the slightly resilient texture!


2. Drinks

Rating: 4.26 (9 reviews)

"I feel it is safe to drink this product because it doesn’t have artificial sweeteners. It is thick and tastes sweet but refreshing and delicious!"

From a review by COCO23

"I have rhinitis all year round, so I was very curious and bought this product. What I learned for now is that I cannot feel the effect by drinking this product only for a week. It is a yogurt drink that is easy to drink and tastes like regular yogurt, a little sour and slightly sweet."

From a review by ゆりまる

Probiotic products may not be suitable for those who are looking for an immediate effect, but it is highly rated as it is tasty. According to the manufacturer's website, their product is the "world's first" yogurt that reduces nasal discomfort caused by pollen, dust, and house dust. It sounds like a promising product!


3. Eyewear

Rating: 3.82 (274 reviews)

"I have hay fever every year, so I went to a Zoff store and got a pair of anti-hay fever glasses made. The frame is made to fit a face, preventing pollen from entering. So, I feel much better."

From a review by さちよ

Rating: 3.89 (395 reviews)

"I am very happy with my new glasses. I was somewhat worried that they would not work, but lo and behold, they are amazing! The level of itch in my eyes is so different!"

From a review by そらまめ

Some people who do not need vision correction also buy glasses to prevent hay fever. In this day and age, many of you may wear a mask, but your eyes may not be fully protected. Keeping pollen out of your mucous membranes is one of the things you can do, so when you go out, put on your glasses to block both droplets and pollen!


4. Cleaning

Rating: 4.11 (3 reviews)

"This product is a must-have item in our home. I have heard that there are a lot of pollen on floors during the pollen season, so I frequently wipe it off from early spring."

From a review by クリームパン

I have tended to focus on removing pollen from my clothes first when I come home from outside, but I haven't expected to find it on the floor as well... From now on, frequent "wiping" will be an important thing to prevent hay fever.


5. Body care

Rating: 4.29 (26 reviews)

"The product is formulated with moisturizing milk and moisturizes the skin deeply. My skin sometimes gets sensitive because of pollen and other factors or during the period between seasons, but I can't be bothered to change body soaps depending on my skin condition. The Body Wash works so well at any time that I can use it without worrying about my skin condition."

From a review by 獺祭

It is great to be able to use this product without worrying about skin conditios at any time. The Body Wash is said to have high moisturizing power, too, which means it prevents dry skin. This product kills two birds with one stone.


How did you like it?

If you have any other health tips you practice, please feel free to share them with us in the comments section. Let's work together to take better care of our health, especially against pollen!

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